Great water for your team
and your customers

At The Cooler Water Company, we believe that having fresh, high-quality drinking water available for your business and your customers is a necessity.

Staff now expect to work with fresh water, and customers appreciate
access to it.

Good water with no bacteria or
contaminants can help your business:

  • Improve your working conditions and environment with easy access to clean water
  • Increase your productivity with the encouragement to keep hydrated
  • Satisfy your staff and your customers

Simple service made easy for you

At The Cooler Water Company, we take the work out of your hands. We’re dedicated to reliable service, and provide all the necessities for your good water supply.

Our friendly team will:

  • Find the most appropriate place for your cooler
  • Install and set up your water cooler and filter
  • Maintain and service your filter to keep your water fresh

Our range of coolers are suited for most commercial spaces. We have a variety of options available, perfect for any business.

Interested in which cooler is right for you?
See our latest range

Hassle-free, high-quality drinking water,
all year round

We provide ongoing servicing for your cooler and filters to ensure the cleanest water is free flowing and easy for you to access. All you have to worry about is keeping yourself hydrated!

Our dedicated team make sure you’ve always got quality drinking water available

If your needs change or you move locations, our commitment to thorough service means we’ll happily find you a better fit, or reinstall your cooler.

We do sell water coolers and filters too, however all the benefits of hassle-free filtered water come with our friendly hiring service.

If your business is in need of good water, get in touch now!