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With 4 different water coolers available, we’re making sure we cover all your water needs. Whether you need filtered water for your office or workspace, a function, or for your restaurant, we’ve got you covered.

Inline Water Coolers

Also known as Plumbed In Water Coolers, these units connect to your existing water system. They continuously supply clean, filtered water.

A popular choice, no handling of heavy bottles is required to restock your water, and you’ll never run out.

Easy filtered water, none of the heavy lifting!

These units are available in freestanding or benchtop models. With two taps, you can either have the following water temperature options:

  • Cool/Cold
  • Cold/Hot

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Bottled Water Coolers

These units connect to bottles of water and only require a power supply nearby.

A great option for when your water supply is out of reach from your cooler, these units are ideal for showrooms or exhibitions.

After filtered water for an event?
Bottled water is the perfect fit!

In order for you to save costs, we don’t supply bottled water and instead recommend you fill the bottle with your own water. Bottles should be stored in a cool, dark room and protected from the light. Our team will service your cooler.

We have these units available in freestanding or benchtop models. With two taps, you can have either of the following water temperature options:

  • Cool/Cold
  • Cold/Hot

Our bottled units are available for long or short term hire. Order your bottled water cooler today!

Under Bench Water Coolers

Where freestanding units aren’t appropriate, our Under Bench Water Coolers come in to play.

These units are popular among cafes and restaurants. Since it’s connected to your existing water supply, there’s no need to buy any water.

Provide your restaurant with filtered water

We install the unit under your sink. With a tap supplied into your sink, your customers and staff can access the filtered water with ease.

Good ventilation is necessary for these units, and our friendly team make sure we allow for this in our installation.

You have a choice of the following water temperature options:

  • Cold
  • Cold/Hot

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Water Fountains

Our water fountains are free standing units suitable for a workplace, or public area.

In our installation we connect the fountain to your existing water system, and the in-built filter does all the work in providing your filtered water.

For our team to install a fountain we require an overflow outlet, which we can happily organise for you.

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What filters do we use?

Our range of filters are available depending on your water requirements. We prefer using inline, one piece, moulded water cooler filters.

Our filters contain high-quality filtration technology that’s proven to kill algae and fungi, reduce bacteria and remove any traces of metals.

These water filters reduce the following contaminants:
  • Chromium III (98%)
  • Cadmium (80%)
  • Lead (85%)
  • Nitrate (75%)
  • Chlorine (99%)
  • Sulphur (99%)

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