Three Important reasons to have a water cooler in your business

  • To improve the working conditions for your staff.
  • To improve your customers experience.
  • To create a positive perception of the business for customers and for staff.

Good water is essential

Providing good quality drinking water is now seen as a necessity in business. It is expected by staff and appreciated by customers. As consumers we have all become more discerning about the water we drink. Water tasting of chlorine or with a bad smell is no longer acceptable.

Our customers have found that by providing an office water cooler, they increase the water consumed by staff. Being well hydrated improves brain activity and this improves productivity.

By hiring a quality water cooler from The Cooler Water Company you are guaranteed to have great tasting, cool water, all of the time. Drinking water never tasted so good.

Quality Cooler Units

The Cooler Water Company has access to quality water dispensers from New Zealand’s leading water filter importer. These are high capacity coolers that look great. We are not providing just water. We are providing a cool fresh alternative to normal tap water. It tastes like spring water.

We hire bottled water cooler units for use in showrooms or away from a water supply.

We hire inline or plumbed in water cooler unit that filter their own water.

We hire drinking fountains

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